the rock

the big rock was tired of being so big he hoped one day he would be smaller and be able to see the world he one day got his wish a  big bolder slid of a mounten and crushed him he flew in to a river he then was on his way he was so happy because he was in the same spot for 200 million years the river left him at a delta and he became a new rock he then sunk through the dirt and a waterfall made him fly in to a volcano and was melted in to magma until the volcano erupted and sent him flying he then cooled into obsidian one day the earth opened up and he fell in he was smushed and compacted for a while untill the land pushed him up on to the edge of the volcano it erupted and sent him back into the river except now the erosian sends the river up stream the river sends him back to the mounten but science the river flowed up now a huge delta of gravel that he landed in made him back into a big rock again and once he foremed he was back in the same spot he started at he thought to him self wow that was fun. THE END